AWS re:Invent 2018 – AWS Jumped into Hybrid Cloud!

Shailender singh

A System DevOps or a Site Reliability Engineer and a solution architect with around 10 years of IT experience who worked as C developer on Linux platform and who has exposure to almost all infrastructure technologies in form of OS (Linux,Unix,Windows,Citrix,VMware) with expertise to host them on Cloud environment like Amazon AWS, VMware vCloud Air and Rackspace. A firm believer in automation technologies and has good experience on HP Server Automation(HPSA) and Puppet as configuration management tool. I also have great exposure on open source technologies where i have tuned them for enterprise level with tools like CheckMK (OMD) a nagios based monitoring solution, Gitlab as version control system. I worked as VMware consultant from last 6+ years where i worked on almost all products under vSphere umbrella. I also have great exposure to Unix system in form of Solaris and HPUX. I am a great fit for organization where core technology design and implementation with solution architecture knowledge is required. At this moment working as Senior Cloud Engineer on AWS and more technology details can be found at my profile listed on Currently handling tool set like Terraform,Packer, AWS CodeDeploy & ECS,Jenkins,Teamcity,Docker for deployment of enterprise application. Area of interest are entrepreneurship, consulting, solution designing, technology, training,IT automation, cloud computing, server less architecture, containerization, security, virtualization big data, hacking,cycling.

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