AWS re:Invent 2018 – New services launched by AWS!

The AWS workforce! The Beast mentality to eat the competition! Clever guys to observe carefully what customers wants! Great Leaders who have insight in usage Trend! These should be great teams! Great Leadership principles! Great way of working ! AWS Knows how to lead! AWS knows how to manage teams! AWS knows how independent decision makers cuts bureaucracy and lead to Innovation!

I assume i still left with some more statements about AWS, but if you will see below new services launched by AWS in re:Invent 2018 you will use same words for them. Ofcourse, these are new services but according to me most of the services are more fine tuned/finished version of previous existing services. But if you carefully read about these services you will observe they are listening to their customer base carefully and coming up with more matured services.

It takes lot of time to develop a single service for commercial purpose but here AWS is creating 36 services a year so there is lot to learn from them and if you really would like to change your organization culture to get more market share you have to follow them. AWS has advantage to have more than million customer base and they are keeping eye on service usage trend and carefully listening to their customer problem in new cloud era world and developing new solution for them. They are applying analytics to get insight into usage trend generated from their internal infra usage from various telemetry solutions and taking it as input for next level improvement.

I tried to list down all the new services that AWS has launched in re:Invent 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  1. AWS Outposts
  2. AWS App Mesh
  3. AWS Forecast
  4. AWS Personalize
  5. AWS Textract
  6. AWS Deepracer
  7. AWS Sagemaker-RL
  8. AWS MarketPlace for ML
  9. AWS SageMaker Ground Truth
  10. AWS Managed Block Chain
  11. AWS TimeStream
  12. AWS Lake Formation
  13. AWS Security Hub
  14. AWS Control Tower
  15. AWS FsX For Lustre
  16. AWS Glacier Deep Archive
  17. AWS WAF Architected Tool
  18. AWS WAF Competency Program
  19. AWS Kafka Managed Streaming
  20. AWS API Gateway WebSocket Support
  21. AWS Lambda Step Function Service Integration
  22. AWS Lambda Nested Application
  23. AWS Lambda App Repository
  24. AWS Lambda Layers
  25. AWS Custom Runtime
  26. AWS Redshift Concurrent Scaling
  27. AWS Solution Space
  28. AWS Device Qualification Program
  29. AWS Container Competency
  30. AWS Firecracker
  31. AWS SageMaker Neo
  32. AWS Dynamic Training
  33. AWS Elastic Fabric Adapter
  34. AWS Transit Gateway
  35. AWS Global Accelerator
  36. AWS New fiber

There is lot to talk on these services and features but as of now please go through AWS documentation for each of the above listed services to get more insight and will be coming up with our version soon.

AWS Outposts, AWS WAF Architected Tool, AWS Firecracker, AWS Transit Gateway, AWS Custom Runtime, AWS Lambda Layers are some of the major services that i see as great services or features that will provide  flexibility to customer.