Challenges and Solutions For Indian IT Service Provider

These days we are hearing a lot of news that clients has started doing “In source” of their projects and also hearing news like service companies like HCL, TCS, Cognizant ,Tech Mahindra loosing their projects and cutting down head count from top to lower management to become more focused according to clients needs. Recently we heard conversation between Tech Mahindra employee and HR about immediate employee sacking and its not only about TechM i will say re structuring is happening all over the world and similarly in all major IT service companies.

Quarter on Quarter IT services companies in India loosing profit and facing challenges to get new projects.I will say their golden period is over where they were charging on head count basis with less benefits to clients and it took around 2 decades to loose faith in their services and client got enlightenment  to do their own. I will say this is due to the culture that we evolved during long period where managers started thinking them self as Boss with no values and settled them self on safer side and never involved them self in doing improvements or adapting changing technologies. Display of un related matrices or showing cost reduction by harming natural components of services became de facto mentality of managers. Managers are not the only one even some set of class from same category people hampered the growth of other people who tried to change things by adapting newer solutions to technologies. “Politics in IT companies” to grow and cheap strategies to get Onsite opportunities is also another factor where we just moved our self in rat race instead of thinking big and different.

Companies are having fake tag lines of “Employee First” where they were just involved in making more money and employees were never on their list and it became just business model for them to hire  low cost resource with minimum senior member where neither employee was on their list nor the client. The race of Quarter on Quarter more margins in their profit and expanding their self  left client interest much behind and that lead to the current situation.

World is big and it need IT services and we need IT services providers so as Indian IT industry we should re think and re structure our self and prepare our self to get competitive in the market so that clients can regain confidence in us.

So above we discussed about the situation and problem of Indian IT industry and i am having faith that we will re think and will come out from rat race and will start investing in employee and talent growth at organizational level. Companies should continue to re structure them self by identifying and hiring right talent from market that can take fresh air in their organization so they can deliver what is expected from Indian IT service providers.

There are challenges when we are thinking to handle multi service projects as clients are expecting to handle newer technologies to save their cost but there is lack of good talent available in market due to demand and supply gap.

Service companies have to mature them self in new service model by investing in their employees and grooming and training them so that they can handle these complex technologies. They have to start realizing the value of good employees and they have to invest in them. Our managers should learn from foreign managers how to handle team and how to help people in achieving the organization goal instead of just playing politics. They have to become managers with value so that talented employee can believe in them so that people can put their 100% in delivering to  customers.

DevOps, Agile , Automation, CI/CD, Cloud , Infra structure as code, Server less infra are the new requirements of the clients  where they need experts to help them in implementation and indirectly saving their IT cost.Indian IT industry handling all segment of projects from development to operational infrastructure management and each client have their own technology setup so we should train our employees on following technologies as per project requirement and there are more tools that can be replaced with following component as per client requirement but following are the most popular one to handle problem in and delivering solution.


  i.e DevOps Tool Set to help client

IT market is moving from Physical to Virtual and Virtual to Containers and Containers to Server less infrastructure and these tool set is in much mature state and US market is expecting Indian service provider to handle these technologies. So we should involve our employees to study and practice these toolset so that they can become experts in it and help clients in their implementation.

IT Folks should start thinking in totally different way when we work on these newer technologies as it require re thinking and mature mindset  in handling these tool set during implementation as newer infra structure is treated like Cattles instead of Cat and various traditional toolset became totally unusable at this moment. Like you can think about Veritas cluster where in current scenario such functionality is inbuilt with cloud providers and you don’t require expertise to handle it.

More and more clients adapting Cloud or hybrid model where their focus is not on infrastructure setup and they are mainly focusing on market to deliver their product so we should help them by implementing these technologies.

There are maturity models in market through which you can analyze your self to get confidence that your organization is reached to a level where you can commit client in multi service delivery where as adapting and implementing DevOps culture and tool set chain require time investment. Cloud Bees engineers has defined “Assessing DevOps Maturity Using a Quadrant Model” and organization can learn from it and start maturing them self using these metrics.

I will be writing more blogs to help our IT folks in adapting newer technologies and will be discussing more in architecture of those components so that we can implement these technologies and help in supplying talented IT resource to bridge gap of talent pool to our service providers but our service provider have to re think about the value of resource and they have to come out from rat race and should start building worth full services by adapting these newer tools and technologies and creating culture of value.