SRE vs DevOps – R&R Cheat Sheet


First, I am open to make changes in my thoughts and ready to accept and update this Roles and Responsibilities. But before we go in that debate, I would like to define Roles and Responsibilities of SRE vs DevOps.

We have very thin line in between SRE and DevOps R&R and there are many situation where we overlap each other but we should have clear cut roles and responsibilities defined in between these two team so that proactively we can avoid any conflict between them.

Ideally we should have one team mix of DevOps and SRE skill set people for better knowledge and resource utilization but some time we require more specialization on SRE part for better monitoring, incident, deployment and Uptime control for product reliability. Teams should be leaner with highly skilled people having collaborative mentality and tool’s arsenal with them because that is today’s requirement in this complex IT world.

Everyone talking about DevOps but SRE is not in focus and same thing i said in my last blog i.e. Site Reliability Engineer – Defined. SRE role is more toward polishing things, taking and implementing improvement, making things more reliable, scalable, predictive so customer can rely on you and your services and that will help you to win market share percentage.

From long time i was thinking to define this difference because most of the time people ask what is the difference between SRE and DevOps. I know SRE is new word for many of us but we should now become used to of it.

Following 3 screenshot or these 12 points from my list will give you good glimpse of this blog:

I hope, it will give some clarity to our SRE and DevOps folks and will help us to contribute and coordinate better for industry with greater confidence.

Please put your comments below if you think we should extend this R&R, modify existing R&R and you require further clarity on it.